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Dr. Lou Lunjo's Congratulation message.

1 Korean Plastic Surgery - April31 Dr. Joo Heon Lee, Voluntary…

Dr. Joo Heon Lee, Facelift Specialist of April31 plastic Surgery Clinic and The President of Korean Society of Facial Rejuvenation Plastic Surgery Research Association, on 15 days of Voluntary Medical Service in Ethiopia every year for past 13 years. True meaning of Medical service and Surgeons... before "plastic surgery" or "cosmetic surgery". We are very grateful to have you, sir. 

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4月31日整形外科位于地铁7号线鹤洞站7号出口. 法人代表 : 金载勋 企业名称 : 4月31日整形外科 营业执照 : 211-09-48140
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